Cooroy RSL and Citizens Club Inc.

Donation and Sponsorship Guidelines

Effective from 1 Jul 2019

At The Cooroy RSL and Citizens Club Inc. we are committed to the communities of the Cooroy area.

In order to coordinate our efforts and remain fair and consistent in our giving to organisations, we have guidelines for community donations and sponsorship requests. Cooroy RSL and Citizens Club continues to focus its community support on the areas in which the majority of members reside which currently includes Cooroy, Pomona, Lake Macdonald, Eumundi and surrounding areas.

In addition, we have defined five areas of interest for our community support, which include:

  • An organisation formed for the benefit of service veterans and their families;
  • Local schools, kindergartens and educational organisations;
  • Heritage and historical groups and associations;
  • Local service clubs and community groups;
  • Local sports and recreation clubs.

It is our policy to support groups that are locally based and are aligned with our vision of community support.

In addition, we will consider donating to or sponsoring individuals.

How can the Cooroy RSL and Citizens Club Inc. help?

The Cooroy RSL and Citizens Club Inc. can provide assistance in various forms. It may include a monetary contribution, vouchers, products and services.

What does the Cooroy RSL and Citizens Club Inc. expect in return?

In return, however we will always appreciate any recognition you show to the generosity of the board and members of the club, including:

  • Placing the club logo on your organisation’s newsletter, website etc.;
  • Displaying banners or signs at your events;
  • Acknowledging the club during announcements at your events.

For sporting clubs, we may also be interested in having our logo on your club uniforms and/or erecting a sign at your club’s facilities.

How to request support?

Our passion for supporting worthwhile causes is as strong as ever. To request support, we ask that you follow the guidelines set out below:

  • Requests for donations and sponsorship are required at least one month prior to your event;
  • Please submit your request on an official letterhead of your organisation;
  • Correspondence should include:
    • Your purpose for writing, describing the details of the event/activity;
    • The date of the event;
    • The type of donation you are looking for;
    • Any other information or reasons we should consider your request;
    • Indicate how the RSL Club will be acknowledged.
    • The name of the contact person, including postal address, phone number and email address.


Management of the club will be in touch with you to follow up on your request


Helen Hollingworth – General Manager

Phone:    07 54476131


Mail:       25 Maple Street Cooroy Qld 4563